Use steroids with caution

Steroids no matter how effective do have a few side effects on the body. These drugs come with a caution to the users and should be used with a thought always. Many sales persons or companies claim that the steroids are very safe for human consumption and have no side effects on the body. But this is not the case completely. There are many changes that the body undergoes when you consume steroids. You should always look at the ingredients and the effect it will have on the body. The base for a steroid cycle is always important to determine its effects.


Sustanon is a steroid which is available in the form of an injection. It has been popular for decades now and is recommended for any uses including medical treatments. Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment given to children and adults who have growth defects and fail to meet the milestones. This drug is used extensively by body builders and athletes who need to seek accelerated muscle mass and strength to perform well. The base for a steroid cycle is always important as it helps the body to show the results. There are many side effects if the cycle is not followed appropriately. Men have the testosterone developed in the testicles of the body and is a perfect example of endogenous testosterone. Anything that is made outside the body and then injected are known as exogenous as it is injected in the blood stream to replace the shortfalls in the body with supplements. Sustanon is an exogenous testosterone and is the oldest form or drug. It is very famous among the athletes and body builders. It is great to make cosmetic changes in the body like growing muscles stronger and bigger.

There are many medical communities and sporting authorities that have discouraged the use of steroids due to many reasons. It gives you immense power and strength which is not natural and unfit for competition. The main issue with use of steroids is the lack of knowledge and research that is not done by any users which builds a gap in the system. Users are more susceptible to negative effects due to this reason. Hormones have a lot of impact on the body emotionally and physically. It can affect any organ, tissue, or cell in the system. The balance in the body is maintained by the hormones which can negatively impact. The imbalance can be seen with changes in the body and this is when you know you need work around. Side effects such as weakness in the muscles, pain or rash around the injected area can be seen. You may also see growth in the breast area as the tissues get affected. The level of testosterone can directly increase the enhanced libido, muscle gain, fertility and sexual performance. It is necessary to consume steroids in a limit else it will impact the body adversely. You may also see natural growth of testosterone to reduce or stop if high dosage of drugs are used.

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