Are you first time Kratom buyer?

So you decided to give Kratom a chance. Congratulations, I hope it will give you just as much joy and well-being as I do. So that your first purchase is a complete success, I have created here a small overview for you exactly what you need everything, where you get it, and why you need it.

The most important thing: Qualitatively of good kratom

On your first purchase, you will not know which varieties are best for you. You do not know yet if you are looking for fast, moderate or slow varieties better, therefore you should order from each Kratomart a few portions. It is not just a variety to try to order, because then you can have the bad luck to catch a sort on which you do not at all or only badly. I personally do not speak to 3 varieties from the range of my dealer – I would have bought these at the beginning, I do not believe that I had tried more varieties. That is why, for the first time, buy less kratom, but several varieties. Particularly well suited to this are starter packages offered by many dealers. Since my friend and I have made very good experiences with Happy Hippo Herbals. We are suggesting to buy kratom capsules wholesale at a cheaper price from real vendor for better result.

If you have several different varieties to buy, I recommend you to start this here, so you have a balanced mix:

  • Happy Hippo I (moderate)
  • Top Shelf Bali Hippo (slow)
  • KickerHippo (Fast)
  • Magic Hippo (slow)
  • Productive White Hippo (moderate)
  • Red Hot Hippo (fast)
  • Sleepy Hippo (slow)

You can also distribute them directly in this order over your weekdays, then you prevent direct tolerance formation. Details about what is going on with the tolerance, and how they can be avoided, check out our Kratom Guide .

Know the scale of Mixing

In order to be able to dose your Kratom well you need a fine balance. This does not have to be a special, superteure scale, since tuts also a cheap.

Optional: coffee filter and bioperine

If you have in front of your Kratom powder to make tea you’ll need coffee filters to the powder from the tea filter.

If you want to try Bioperin to strengthen the effect of Kratom, you can also order a corresponding supplement. Just take about half an hour before Kratom, which should intensified the well-being of the Kratom, because the Kratom is so better absorbed.

That’s it!

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Here again, in short, everything you need:

  • Kratom: starter pack
  • Libra


  • coffee filter
  • Bioperin

Have fun with your purchase!

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